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Rhizomatic music

I’ve been thinking a LOT about different ways of representing the rhizome recently. Ā D&G talk a lot about nomads living in smooth space and making felt (not knitting!) and I wondered what they’d be listening to during all of that. … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Age?

I’ve just spent a while creating a blog post for my official uni blog only to find that the ability to embed YouTube is not enabled on the site šŸ˜¦ I was already grumbly and mumbling about corporate capitalists and … Continue reading

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Spies Are Reading My Blog (David Rovics)

I’ve just downloaded David Rovics‘ latest albumĀ Spies Are Reading My BlogĀ and am listening to it while Niall makes pizza. Ā There’s some great tracks, so far the title track is my favourite. Ā I subscribe to David, which means I’ve agreed to … Continue reading

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