My new home is here

I’m a philosopher (I have a BA and a Masters from the university of Southampton), a Doctor Who lover (I’ve written a chapter on Dalek Ethics with my husband, Niall Barr, a knitter and an anarchist (I don’t go around blowing up parliaments, I am just against the over-arching authority of the state, but it’s complicated).

I work as a Learning Technologist at the University of Glasgow and I’m studying for a PhD in co-operative learning with Vicky Gunn and Steve Draper.  I’m particularly interested in the Jigsaw Technique and I’ve given a fair few presentations about that, which I try to keep up to date here.

I’m also interested in uses of social media in HE, and have written some stuff about that with Lorna Love and Shazia Ahmed.

I’ve recently got involved, again with Steve Draper, in research about MOOCs as the University of Glasgow has signed up with Futurelearn.  We’re collecting what we’re writing here.

I say something about the name of my blog here.

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