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On Creativity

This week in #rhizo14 we’re meant to be thinking about creativity.  Some people are running with this and going and doing lots of lovely creative things, like this image on this, others are engaging with #ds106. I’ve been really busy catching … Continue reading

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On Lurking

This week we’re talking about lurking: what it is and what we think about it. I’ve been doing a fair bit of lurking myself, as I’m recovering from a wee exploratory op at the weekend and finding that I’m too … Continue reading

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Demob happy

So it’s week 9 of #rhizo14, but I have still not got around to saying anything about week 8 so here goes.  The topic, set by Simon, was Demobbing Soldiers.  Of course, being demobbed was meant to be a happy … Continue reading

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The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

Week 6 came to an end.  The roller coaster that was #rhizo14 had ended.  We sat, twiddling our thumbs, not quite knowing what to do.  Some got their coats and drifted away, others of us sat warming our hands over … Continue reading

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