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eAssessment Scotland Conference 2013

I spent yesterday at the 5th annual eAssessment Scotland conference at Dundee University.  This is the third year I’ve attended, and it was odd not to be presenting for once (2 years ago Kenji asked me and Steve Draper to … Continue reading

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Facebook, subjective well-being, and use

There’s been a lot of hype in the media recently about a report that apparently show that using Facebook makes you miserable.  It’s making for sensational headlines, so the appeal to journalists is obvious, but what should we think about it … Continue reading

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International Conference on Enhancement and Innovation in Higher Education

I was due to attend this conference back in June, but due to being suddenly signed off sick I was unable to attend.  However, my co-presenters Niall Barr, Lorna Love and Shazia Ahmed did present papers at the conference which … Continue reading

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On Procrastination

I was in my garden yesterday planting flowers and generally avoiding doing any research on the grounds that the plants couldn’t wait (not true – they’d have been fine till the weekend).  I began to think about the ways in … Continue reading

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On Blogging

I’ve been ill recently and not getting around to doing anything – even blogging was too much to cope with.  I say even, but actually it is hard to get into the habit of blogging regularly (finding anything to say, … Continue reading

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